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Looking for pest control service company
If you are worried that these questions?
Are you worried about the following questions?
The existing service providersCan't meetThe third party audit requirements?
Find the pest control companyStaff ability is low,Unreliable?
Control pest control effectSustainability is poor,Easy to rebound?
Customers for pest control,Pest control companyLack of support
EmergencyFollow up slowly,No guarantee service quality?
Xiao letter,Dongguan pest risk management professional service providers,Pest problems rest assured to us
For customised pest control、MieZhi solution,Pest control more thoroughly in place!
Consulting services hotline:
The main project
service items
Xiao letterHonorary certificate
The business license
Dongguan pest control association
Dongguan termite prevention and control association
Into Work Case Cases
Government agencies+The financial institution+Real estate property+The hotel+The factory+Agriculture
At a reasobable price, best quality engineering quality return
Dongguan xiao letter
Xiao biotechnology co., LTD., established in letter2010Years,Is dongguan city pest control association, vice President of units and dongguan termite control association member units。Xiao letter the company is committed to through the innovation of science and technology and perfect services to enhance the connotation and the competitiveness of the industry。Mainly to undertake housing construction、Decorate a termite prevention engineering and termite control、In addition to insect pest control;In addition to formaldehyde、Air purification project;Landscape greening projects、Cleaning services。At the same time, with the domestic several famous university joint research、To develop new technology of pest control。
Over the years,Company continues to develop and cultivate a large number of high quality、High level of professional talents,For government agencies、The financial institution、Real estate property、The hotel、The factory、Agriculture provides the perfect service,To win the majority of customers trust and support。
Termite control、Insecticidal and related technology consulting services
Xiao letter is equipped with a rich experience of prevention and control team
The company is by the dongguan industrial and commercial administration、Construction bureau、Approval of the administration of real estate and other government departments to set up the professional company,And has passed the certification of qualification。At the same time the company has a group of high quality、High level of professional and technical personnel
Xiao letter high strength standard equipment to serve you
Equipped with a variety of professional shoppers instrument;
Have many construction project car;
Use of the drug on the construction of national security standard
Save for the various types of pesticides medical devices give you a comfortable life
Company is more than by the dongguan municipal departments approved the establishment of a professional company audit,Not only provides all kinds of pest control、Environmental disinfection, etc,Also reserves has a large variety of high efficiency、Environmental protection、The safety of medical devices,And the price reasonable
Xiao letter provided24Hours online communication barrier-free
Stick to it"To the credibility of development,Strives for the survival by the quality",Not satisfied with the principle of complaints;
In the insurance period,Content perform their duties in strict accordance with the provisions of the contract,Ensure the quality of service;
Long-term to provide pest control technology consulting services
Contact us
Contact us
Contact us
The service hotline:0769-82878878
The ground The address:Dongguan step Lao tuen sand hexi road in the town166Number
Contacts:Mr. Chung/13825711878
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