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Cable tray model specification table(XQJ)(Widemm+Highmm)Thickness(National standard)LengthThe weight:kg/SectionReference price(No tax)
Groove(C)Tray type(P)Ladder type(T)The tank bodyThe tank cover(Shield)
100×501.5mm2M1.761 - 20.00Yuan/M
100×1001.5mm2M2.642 -
The weight bridge1、Tray type bridge weight and the groove bridge weight are the same; 2、Groove bridge is the cascade type bridge weight by weight0.8Calculation;
The price of bridge1,To form the reference price:The price of galvanized cable tray,And only for reference,Other specifications and price, please contact us。Click to enter▶▶▶▶Click on the consultationReal-time consulting products quotation
Bridge specifications for free download:Click to download the full version▶▶▶▶Cable tray specifications sheet

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Knowledge of cable tray
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Cable tray installation requirements and specifications(2019)

Cable tray installation requirements and specifications(2019)

Cable tray installation requirements and specifications 1、Cable tray Is A project of form a complete set of wiring project, Not yet Special specification instruction, Each The manufacturer of the specifications of the program lack of universality,So...
The standards on the cable tray earth wire

The standards on the cable tray earth wire

The standards on the cable tray earth wire There are quite a few friends when choosing what to buy cable tray,Don't know how to choose the bridge specification and thickness,Actually, the thickness of the cable tray and specification...
Cable tray installation readiness items

Cable tray installation readiness items

Different environments using the cable tray model is not the same。It is understood,See more quite general place is power、Textiles、Mechanical and electrical and other industrial and mining enterprises and building interior, etc、Aerial cable...
Cable tray wall installation specification

Cable tray wall installation specification

Cable tray application range,It is found mostly in our life。And its structure is also various,Can be said to be connected all kinds of buildings and a bridge between the pipe gallery。Or it seems...
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