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          Linhai city new chemical co., LTD is a sunrise industry group, a wholly owned subsidiary,One of the leading enterprises national fixed-point pesticide fumigants,Hold the industrial products production license issued by the state and the pesticide registration certificate。Companies adhering to the safety and efficiency、Clean and friendly“Green, smart”Concept,All product lines to achieve material conveying pipelining、MiBiHua production process、Automatic operation、Management informatization;Successfully passed the qualityISO9001、The environmentISO14001、Occupational health and safetyOHSAS18001Such as the international standardization management system certification。2015Years is evaluated“Outstanding enterprises in the industrial park”,And become China's agricultural ecological soil disinfection branch of the first director of environmental protection association member units。 &nbs...
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2016.04The significance of soil fumigation
2015.05.082016.04The significance of soil fumigation        In recent years,Due to many years even crop planting、The lack of rotation,Easy to breed a large number of harmful bacteria、Fungus、The virus,There is a root knot nematodes、The underground pests、Weeds, etc,It is difficult to control,In many parts of plant diseases and insect pests of high value-added crops planting base soil is increasingly severe...