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Lai Yang city abundant food co., LTD(Qingdao silk road import and export co., LTD. Production base)Was built in2010Years,Located in the shandong lai Yang city,Professional processing production of preserved fruit、Natural dried fruits、Natural jam、Canned fruit、Natural fruit pulp and other series products,Products are exported to Japan、Canada、Russia、The united Arab emirates、Europe、Argentina、Australia、Southeast Asia and other countries and regions。

2013Years spent nearly1000Yuan of workshop、Equipment、Technology has carried on the comprehensive update,Buy the world's leading automation production line4The article,With annual production6000Tons of jam、600Tons of dried fruit production capacity。The company has advanced laboratory and measure,Ensure the quality of each batch of products100%To be qualified。With the expansion of the business,2016Years6Month started building the new workshop、The warehouse,Strive to become the largest producer in the north。

At present, the company has passedHACCPQuality system certification、HalalHALALCertification、QSCertification、Export food production enterprises registered certification,In view of the2016Shifted in exploring the Chinese market,The building“Good skill points”、“Pear village”、“Feng the silk road”Brand。

With reliable product quality and perfect after-sales service,We has become a large domestic well-known food processing enterprises、Gold supplier of supermarket。

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