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 What is the plasma?

    If continuous provide energy for material,The temperature will rise accordingly,Material state from solid to liquid,And then transition to gas。If continue to provide energy,The shell will split atom,And produce charged particles(The negatively charged electrons and positively charged The ions)。This mixture is called plasma or “The fourth state of matter”。

     In a nutshell: In the case of providing energy changing state of the material:

     Solid state ? Liquid ? The gas phase ? Plasma

     There is a plasma in nature,For example, in lightning、The aurora、The fire and the sun。In addition,Neon、When welding,And flash are artificial plasma is produced。


Artificial methods for plasma

    In the high frequency electric field,In a state of atmospheric pressure or low pressure oxygen、Nitrogen、Methane、Water vapor gas molecules such as in the case of a glow discharge,Can break down the accelerated motion of atoms and molecules,This electronic settlement from a with a positive、Negatively charged atoms and molecules。That accelerated in the electric field of the electrons gain energy,And with the surrounding molecules or atoms collide,As a result, make the molecules and atoms and inspire electrons,And itself in the excited state or ion state,The material existence state is the plasma state。


Gas ionization state                                 Gas ionization state


 PTLAtmospheric pressure plasma                   PTLVacuum plasma

The mechanism of plasma effect on the material

    In the plasma state of material with high and unstable energy level。If plasma comes into contact with the solid material(Such as plastic and metal),The energy will apply to a solid surface,And lead to important properties on the surface of the object(Such as surface energy)Change。

    In all areas of manufacturing application,Can use this principle to selectively change the surface properties of materials。Using plasma energy to deal with the surface,Able to accurately and targeted to improve adhesion and wettability on the surface of the material。Like this,Easy to use new in industry(Even completely non-polar)Materials,And environmental protection、Contains no solvents,No coating adhesive of volatile organic compounds。At present,Many chemical surface treatment can be replaced by plasma treatment technology。

Plasma processing advantages compared with other processing mode

    Compared with such as flame treatment or wet chemical processing, and other methods,Plasma technology has the advantage:

1、Plasma is able to handle otherwise unable to process materials。

2、A universal method for plasma:With online production ability,And it can realize full automation。

3、Plasma a very environmentally friendly process,No environmental pollution、No chemical consumption、Do not produce pollution。

4、Plasma is not restricted by the geometry of the product,To powder、Parts、Sheet、Non-woven fabric、Textiles、Hose、The hollow body、Printed circuit boards, etc。

5、Plasma processing products without damage, don't change the material properties。

6、Plasma treatment can achieve high efficiency production。

7、Plasma process running cost is extremely low,Don't need a lot of consumables,Energy saving。

8、Plasma technology has high reliability、Process safety and job security。

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