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Henan wu tai technology engineering co., LTD is well-known purification engineering company in henan,Is a professional engaged in air purification engineering and laboratory、Test bench environmental planning as a whole、Design、Installation and after-sale service integrated modern enterprise,Services cover henan province、Hebei、Shandong and other places。The company was founded in 1993,The input of science and technology is our driving force for the development of the enterprise,We follow the trend of science and technology makes collaboration with domestic scientific research units,To absorb the introduction of advanced air flow organization environment and technology environment planning、Design concept。Give full play to the strong technical force and product development advantage,Adopting new materials research and manufacture the domestic advanced level of modernization of clean production workshop and laboratory equipment。Widely adapted to the biological pharmacy、Food、Electronic new technology and new energy,The commodity inspection、Education, etc。The company provides professionalGMPWorkshop、CR(Electronic industry clean room)、PCR(Biological clean room)、QSCertification workshop、SSOPAndHACCPCertification workshop、Test bench, etc,Constant temperature and humidity(HIV)、Clean operating room(ICU)Such as the air distribution of high precision clean environment planning and design、Engineering construction、The system debugging、Parameter detection and other comprehensive services。The male...

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The company has independent purification engineering and a complete set of purification products

  • Purification engineering
  • Sterile test bench
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Sterile operating room
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Dust-free workshop-Henan purification engineering

Dust-free workshop

Clean the corridor-Shandong purification engineering

The factory clean workshop

Air shower

Henan laboratory

Sterile laboratory

Henan laboratory

Test bench CCTV

The bench experiment

Test bench a full set of equipment

Test bench table

The experiment table

Sterile operating room

Sterile operating room

Sterile operating room

Sterile operating room


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Purification laboratories

Henan test bench

Purification engineering in the application of the test bench is critical,When applied to high pressure requirements,About the test bench related pressure regulation in the process of modernization,Purification engineering application is very extensive,And purification engineering is our country attaches great importance to a project,One of the clean room air pressure has certain rules,For information on this subject,Detailed instructions for you:1.Pressure is higher than that of the clean room clean space pressure。2.Affinity between clean room door to open to the high level of cleanliness of the room。3.High level of cleanliness of space pressure is higher than that of adjacent cleanliness level space of the low pressure。The maintenance of pressure difference depend on the new air volume,The new air volume to compensate from clearance leakage under the pressure difference of air volume。So the physical significance of the pressure difference is leakage(Or infiltration)All kinds of crack resistance of airflow through the clean room。Purification engineering of air pressure regulation is mainly the test bench,We must according to the instructions for proper operation,Only in this way can make its performance fully display,More information about purification engineering,Will continue to arrange for you。

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Henan purification company introduction and the difference of general air conditioning workshop clean workshop

Henan purification company introduction and the difference of general air conditioning workshop clean workshop,The mainly purpose、Methods、Air output、Indoor pressure、Maintenance and management、Ability to consume、People in and out of the control parameters...【For details】