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Foreign companies was founded1993Years,Is a professional engaged in the development of testing instruments、Manufacturing、Sales、Service integration company。For enterprises from all walks of life、Institutions to provide quality products at the same time provide more professional technical support and on-site application service system。Finally for the customer“Improve the product percent of pass、Control the cost、Reduce energy consumption”Provide a solution。
     Foreign companies in recent20Years of business process,In line with serious and responsible attitude to customers,Continuously improving the quality of products and services,Certification: foshan city bureau of quality and technical supervision issued by the《Measuring instruments maintenance license》And issued by the bureau of quality and technical supervision of guangdong province《Measuring instruments production license》(CMC),Has become the industry in guangdong province is the only one to receive the second card of the enterprise。After nearly 20 years of accumulation and precipitation,This enterprise has become a testing instrument of leading enterprises in guangdong province。
The company operates:Foshan foreign instrument co., LTD、Foshan city zen city xihua the automation division、Nanhai district, foshan city huasheng shop of the instrument、Jiang Xigao exhibition hall、Sichuan branching channel exhibition hall。This enterprise existing management organization is equipped with the head office、Ceramic business、Comprehensive division、The production department。The ceramic department in national each big ceramic partitions, such as sichuan、Jiangxi and other places set up branches,Widely and personalized service in building ceramic enterprises,So as to greatly improve the customer satisfaction。
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